YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant

The Challenge


YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant is a premium Teishoku or set meal restaurant emphasizing on the traditional dishes that constitute a Japanese meal. 

They recently approached Launch Social for means to generate more customers by expanding their target market to include more Chinese customers. LS has also looked into updating their branding across marketing collateral to aid YAYOI’s goal of increasing their customer base.



  • Branding Updates
  • Marketing Strategy

The Result

Increased amount of Chinese followers:

WeChat Sign Ups

Converted Followers Claimed Promo Item

Deliverables In-Depth


Branding Strategy

Before Launch Social could address the issue of YAYOI’s target market, visual branding was pivotal in order to help the public effectively respond to marketing campaigns that were to go live.

Launch Social recognised inconsistencies with YAYOI’s current branding across marketing collateral and their identity as a traditional and premium Japanese restaurant. LS established this authentic Japanese branding throughout new collateral to resonate with what YAYOI represents starting from flyers to in-store materials that accompany their menus. Simple, clean and professional design mixed with touches of formality was the key to achieving this.

This later gave YAYOI’s traffic-generating campaigns a greater boost against fierce competition within the food and beverage scene.

    Re-design of YAYOI’s in-store dish fact sheets

    YAYOI Market City Anniversary promotional flyer

    Marketing Strategy

    After careful research, Launch Social strategized a plan to increase spend per person and customer acquisition by the several means:

    • Utilizing stock which would have gone to waste
    • Creating a flow onto YAYOI’s Chinese social media platform, WeChat, and converting followers into customers
    • Introducing a menu item, such as Japanese Vegetable Gyoza, for upsell consideration in future
    • Driving Chinese clients into the restaurant

    Campaign aiming to increase WeChat following via social media and EDM. iPad image displayed at YAYOI stores shows upsell item to increase spend per person

    Further examples of EDM design and marketing. Black Cod Saikyo Yaki EDM campaign garnered 8k+ of total clicks

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